VTTRSB, V-Twin Tech Rocker Support Bolts



These rocker support bolts are an easy, direct replacement for OEM hardware. Simply replace the four pushrod side support bolts, the ones located on the right side of the engine. These are the bolts that are notorious for making that “off beat” tapping sound in your top end. Not lifter noise, which is steady and present at all RPM’s. No, this noise it’s altogether different! It will rise and fall thru different RPM’s and vary with engine under load (throttle on) vs engine with no load (throttle off). Basically, very annoying!


V-Twin Tech, Rocker support shoulder bolts. (VTTRSB)

-A simple, but unique way to solve the tapping noise created by rocker shaft rotation. A problem present in some Twin Cam motors, that causes the anti-rotation recess in the shafts to slap the faces of the rocker support bolt. Our VTTRSB kit replaces the four stock bolts on the pushrod side of rocker arms.

-Other products are available for this problem, but are more involved with regards to installation. And will get in the way of servicing the rocker supports (ie: Re & Re of rocker arms and shafts).

-If you have a ticking noise in your motor, most noticable around 3,000 rpm and mainly there while on the throttle (engine under load). Then you will want to use this product.

-Simply remove the four pushrod side, stock bolts and replace them with the VTTRSB kit.

-All 1999 to 2017 Twin Cam engines

Kit Includes:
-(4) Grade 8, Rocker support bolts